#8: Foza Fawehinmi — The Law of AfrobeatsListen now (89 min) | One woman's life quest to get Nigerian artists paid, structure the music business, and make Afrobeats legal again.
Zlatan Ibile - Ikorodu To The WorldListen now (175 min) | How does a street boy with no vision of greatness, no money, laying bricks, loading cold rooms and packaging 'pure' water become…
We talk to Rema, walking through the chaotic, driven mind of the Nigerian pop star.
Victony: Singing Through The DarknessListen now (62 min) | Through miles of empty hell, Victony sang on a wheelchair, scoring countless hits while rolling around. Here's the story of how a…
#5 - Chike: Boo of the Booless, Nollywood, Self-ActualizationListen now (73 min) | How does an indie artist make a classic Nigerian project? That's the story of Chike, and his journey so far.
#4 - Osagie Osarenz: Wizkid, Artist Management, ServiceListen now | She discovered and blew Wizkid, made Skales profitable, and excelled in talent management. And now, she's leading the streaming revolution…
A.I Podcast #3: T.G OmoriListen now (63 min) | Africa's prolific video director has a lot to say.
AI Podcast #2 - Basketmouth & Duktor SettListen now (111 min) | Explore
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