MTN Nigeria Gives Local Content Creators A New Boost!

As more Nigerian youths continue to flood social media and find their voice, MTN Nigeria is giving an assist.

The world is changing. Underneath us, the earth is moving. As digital tools continue to boost creativity, humanity’s headlong dash into the internet, hyperconsumption continues to grow. A guy makes a dance video in a small town in Tahiti, and a few hours later, he’s got fans in Lagos, Nigeria recreating that dance. A comedy skit uploaded on Instagram in Enugu travels via the internet to Capetown, where it is sampled for a song. And how about Tiktok? A generation of young people—led by the curious Gen Z-ers, of course—have found common ground to unite in self-expression. Sometimes, they rage against the machine, using simplified visual explainers to fight the power. Often, they improve their groove with some choreographed dance routine. And how about clowning their parents with mischief-laden pranks? That’s hot stuff right now. The world is eating that up.

Hyperconsumption is the dominant driver of our digital civilization right now. All the barriers to information and cerebral stimulation of the real world no longer exist. Humans have been conditioned to assimilate new content every minute of the day. We’re a doped-up army, drawing strength from clicks, extracting power with each new hit of some digital invention.

The content ecosystem is a lovable monster, comprising global corporations creating platforms for millions of creators. These creators are always on the clock, expending time, imagination, and data to create and distribute content. We are all a part of this creator economy. Our updates power the platform, millions of eyeballs bring the adverts in. And even when we are just scrolling and responding to the next guy, we’re still generating valuable data used by media companies for targeted marketing.

Creators are the lifeblood of this ecosystem. Life on the internet would suck without the people who mine and curate elements of themselves and their interests for the world. The global creator economy is booming. Writers are creating platforms, sharing unfettered perspectives and building audiences from Twitter, Substack, and Facebook. Instagram’s the official hangout and marketing machine for photographers and lifestyle enthusiasts. YouTube attracts everyone, from lecturers debating Game Theory to nerds sharing their latest invention. Twitch put the gamers on, and Clubhouse has way too many voices.

Nigerian creators dominate on multiple platforms. Our local IG experience isn’t complete if a skit by Mr Macaroni doesn’t grace our space. Twitter has young intellectuals (including the super woke brigade) chipping at the topic of the day. And then there’s Tiktok, where we mine and launch challenges, with massive video support. The creator economy is in full flow. Young Nigerians have built digital businesses on the back of their creativity. New jobs and paths to financial success are created daily, and Nigeria’s teeming mass of young people have another outlet to support themselves.

MTN Nigeria understands this reality. The leading ICT company has rolled out new plans to serve the local creator Nigerian economy. The new plans are a revamp of their highly successful Pulse plan, designed for young people. But the new revamp is targeted at supporting the creative economy, with tariffs that democratize access to the internet for everyone along the price scale. These plans serve creators daily, bringing data at its most accessible price point for creators.

Under the new Pulse plans, there’s Instagram and TikTok bundles of 350MB for N100, valid for 1 day and 1GB for N200, valid for 7 days respectively. There’s a nightlife bundle of 250MB for N25, which also allows subscribers to buy up to 2GB usable between 11 pm - 6 am daily. For those looking to work at night, this brings added flexibility and access. Burning the midnight gen has to pay off. But that can only happen if access to the internet is a given. This fixes that.

Subscribers will also earn Pulse points when they buy Data bundles, IG/TikTok bundles or subscribe to MusicTime. The points are accumulated and can be exchanged for free data.

As Acting Chief Marketing Officer, MTN Nigeria, Anthony Obi stated, everything feeds into the general concept behind the MTN Pulse plan. “MTN believes that Nigerian youths are diverse, have varying interests and are constantly seeking platforms, plans, and opportunities to enable them to do more. The revamped Pulse plan addresses this need. The plan offers youths and content creators the opportunity to ignite their passion and creativity by being themselves and defining themselves the best way they can, helping them stand out among peers.” He said.

As the world continues to decentralise knowledge and platforms, self-expression has become more than a new-age mantra. It’s become a way of life, for young people to be seen, heard, and stay visible to opportunities and audiences. With MTN Pulse, content creators and Influencers can keep their audiences engaged with remarkable features and access.

As more Nigerian youths continue to flood social media and find their voice, MTN Nigeria has created a data plan that encourages them to chase their passions. The new revamped Pulse is a creator’s dream. An access card for unlimited progress even with the least resources to knock on the door.