When I read, there was this feeling of love mixed with tears, this feeling of being proud, seeing what happened 10 years ago and the journey still on. Many times I laughed out loud, like really hard (thank God my roommate is not around). I just want to thank God. My parents didn't tell me, I saw it all when it all started right from the first album and I'll say Ice Prince and the Choc Boiz made my days... It's so funny they are now men, I miss those days when they shut down events.

I remember the break up... My joy is that they are all cool now.

Till tomorrow, one of my favorite videos I can't stop seeing (even on YouTube) is


More Blessings!

Keep on being FLY.

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Zamani, i love to refer him as did open his heart during this session. my take-home word, invest in things you can bit your chest on.

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Miss the choc boys era definitely. Love how the boys blossom ,all the way from J town to lagos. Ice keep it 100.

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