Great work.

It would be gross negligence to not have a taser (11k), a can of pepperspray (6k) and a baseball racket siting pretty behind your car backseat.

All portable, all affordable. Especially for your morning runs

I've got all three and I don't have your special skills.

Stay woke.

Loads of Goodwill your way.


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Great writeup, you know Joey I've been a big fan of your work for years now, there's almost no article I haven't read since I discovered your work on pulse years ago. really hope one day Nigeria gives more recognition to journalists like you, cos you guys deserve it.

I still can't believe artists can be this desperate. It's so sad. There's no justification for what they wanna do to you. Pls stay safe Joey and take the other guys advice of getting a taser and a pepper spray.

If I'm being honest tho, I'm actually one of the naysayers who have doubted your Integrity at a point.

You said something about you not criticizing rema.

Yeah I feel so too

That boy has very crappy lyrical content in his afro pop Music , yes afro pop doesn't demand lyrical prowess.

but you've never even commented on that. Yet if it was tekno or some other artist, you would probably say something on it. His lyrical deficiency in a lot of his songs is something that's glaring, it's even more glaring now when you look at other afro pop artists like fireboy who are doing it differently.

To say you don't think anything can be upgraded in his art, seems to show some bias, because clearly his lyrics could use some work.

As a critic, I think you're supposed to leave no holds Barred, talk about everything regarding an artist that is good or could use some work. ( Positives and negatives)

But I think maybe it's just your preference, I won't be so quick to Chuck it up to you being payed off.

After reading your writeup, I can feel the honesty behind your words. my mindset has changed a little bit. I think you might be for real after all.

The only thing I will never understand is how you switched up so quickly from hating naira Marley's music and everything it stood for, to jamming to it a couple of months later, and making jokes about you not wearing belts.

I was pretty disappointed, it made me feel like your rant was just for publicity and controversy. And you don't really have anything that you stand for.

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God protection for you Joey.

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Keep doing your thing Joey. Ma ever foh for any reason. They’re not musicians. You know music. And always protect yourself.

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It would make more sense if you wrote fiction Joey. From your words, I feel the animated pulse as you talk about an industry that is far from as exciting as you want to it to be. Maybe sometime in the future, you’d be regarded as a pioneer in this form of fiction when more writers employ your style of writing about what doesn’t exist. For now, I think the threats to you’re life are a ton of shit and you should get married to the woman you love and do what ever you want. No body cares and frankly do you think anyone can review Afro pop ?

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Stay safe and dangerous at d same time, Big Man.

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Great read! A taser is definitely needed!

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Trying to harm you is far-reaching to be honest. Please stay safe Joey.

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Everybody is a critic. We won't admit it but we are. I critique your opinions sometimes on twitter, but I am always looking forward to them. It should never get this deep and people who don't understand how important your role is as a journalist will be the most irrational. Keep doing you brother, but stay safe.

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Way to go Joey. Hang on there bro.

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